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  • Steven Hendricks

Down Range

Author: Taylor Moore

“Down Range” by new Author Taylor Moore is an authentic military-intelligence-law enforcement-modern day Western that you don’t want to miss! It’s an ‘outstanding’ story of former Army Green Beret turned DEA special agent, Garrett Kohl, who inadvertently saves a 10-year-old Afghan boy during a covert counter narcotics/counterterrorist assignment in Afghanistan. The Afghan boy, the only survivor of a small village massacre by the Taliban is placed into Kohl’s protective custody until he can testify before the Tribunal regarding the mass murders.

After arriving home in Texas, the story becomes somewhat of an odd “Rob Zombie meets Mowgli from ‘The Jungle Book’ kind of tale.” Kohl is troubled to discover that he’s moving from one kind of war to another once he finds his peaceful Texas ranch home under attack by local criminals and a vicious Mexican drug cartel. Hoping to prevent conflict and chaos, Kohl tries to resolve matters peacefully, but when the offenders attack his family, ‘all hell breaks loose’ and Kohl has no other choice but to go on the attack. He is forced to fight to protect his family’s ranch, his family members, and the local community. Taylor Moore’s masterful storytelling interlaces heroic and flawed characters, vivid Texas Panhandle settings, and the horrors of violent confrontation into a powerful message of family, courage, and justice.

The narrative pulls at the readers’ heartstrings and brings every word of the story to life. Extremely well written and thoroughly thought-out storyline, Moore even added enough dysfunction to the Kohl family and the other characters to keep the story plot smooth and the action plentiful.

This was no “shut-em-up” story by any means. It is a splendid and gallant tale! Unfortunately for the criminals, Garrett Kohl, besides being an elite undercover DEA agent, is also a battle-hardened Green Beret who knows unconventional warfare, direct action defense, and how to ride horses and shoot. These killers found out the hard way that the only thing tougher than tough Texas land is the people who call it home!

I enjoyed Down Range…immensely! It’s a great debut by Taylor Moore!


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