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  • Steven Hendricks

The Accomplice

Author: Steve Cavanagh

Book Review – In author Steve Cavanagh’s latest thriller, “The Accomplice,” former con-artist turned trial lawyer, Eddie Flynn won't take a case unless his client is innocent. But now, he must prove to a jury, and the entire world, that an accused serial killer’s wife was just another victim of the serial killer and not his ‘accomplice.’ The wife claims she didn't know her husband's dark side and she had no part in the numerous murders. But Flynn and his legal team are the only ones who believe her.

As usual, Cavanagh pens another amazing legal thriller where just when the reader thinks they know what is going on, he pulls the rug out from under them and makes them realize that ‘nothing’ is how it seems. Cavanagh did what he does best, he pulled the wool over my eyes and did not let me see what was really going on in the story until the very end.

The Accomplice, book 7 of the Eddie Flynn series, is full of constant action, deep drama and an invigorating plot! I have now read the entire series, including the short story – The Cross – The Defence, The Plea, The Liar, Thirteen, Fifty-Fifty, The Devil's Advocate and now The Accomplice and highly recommend this captivating legal thriller series! Each book features well developed characters; original storylines; and unique plot twist and turns. All the books are distinctive legal thrillers with lots of ‘curveballs’, robust dialogues and again, suspenseful courtroom drama.

Another amazing read from Irish author Steve Cavanagh


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