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  • Steven Hendricks

Get Back Jack

Author: Diane Capri

At first, I thought I wasn't going to really like this series but now I’m contemplating reading several more of The Hunt for Jack Reacher novels by author Diane Capri. “Get Back Jack” took a bit to get used to at first but I ended up liking this book.

FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar were good characters to me. Their “off-the-books” assignment in search of Jack Reacher lead them to the surviving members of Reacher’s elite military unit. Five years beforehand, Reacher sought and destroyed a team of arms dealers before he moved on but he made some mistakes in the mess that he left behind and now his bad luck and troubled legacy lead Otto and Gaspar into a grudge war between Reacher’s fearless old military friends and chilling new enemies.

Kim Otto’s relentless pursuit of Reacher leads her into a deeper and more deadly war Reacher failed to finish with the bad guys he had previously ran into. Capri does an excellent job with Otto’s character which helped carried the storyline and plot in this book. It was intriguing, mysterious and well put together.

With all that was going on, Capri kept the story understanding and readable. And although Reacher really isn’t the main character in these novels, Otto is and I kinda like her.

Quick weekend beach read that I enjoyed. I’ll check out a few others in the series when time permits.


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