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  • Steven Hendricks

Shadow War

Author: A.M. Adair

Navy veteran turned author A.M. Adair is back with her third installment of protagonist Elle Anderson in “Shadow War.” Definitely the strongest story of the three-book series,

Shadow War is action-packed, violent and riveting. Adair brings more than twenty years’ experience in the Intelligence Community to her books and treats readers to an exciting and refreshing dose of reality and truth. Her experiences have been unique and distinctive and provided her with a wealth of material to draw from to give her stories validity.

Main character Elle Anderson reinforces the notion that politicians lie for a living, and they consistently act accordingly. Nonetheless, Elle Anderson is skilled, motivated, and deadly in working out of the predicament that she is in. Picking up where “The Deeper Shadow” left off, Anderson is kicked out of the CIA and her former mentor has her in his sights to kill her.

Anderson, with help from her former CIA paramilitary team members, is forced to use every ounce of her cleverness and shrewdness to stay one step ahead of hired assassins, mercenaries and hit squads in efforts to untangle her former CIA mentor’s deviant network. Known as a ‘rabble-rouser’ in the CIA, Anderson blends, moves, and disappears as a fugitive. She eventually turns deadly and uses her tradecraft to transform herself to stay ahead of the trouble that keeps following her.

Adair takes readers through the ‘shadowy world’ of the CIA in this action heavy 'human trafficking' narrative and keeps the tension and intrigue high and the thrill and entertainment even higher.

Again, Shadow War was Adair’s strongest pieces of work in the Elle Anderson series and notably my favorite of the three books.


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