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  • Steven Hendricks

The Angel's Chase

Author: Cap Daniels

Book Review – From the frozen wilderness of Siberia to the frigid dark depths of the Black Sea, protagonist Chase Fulton must forge out renewed alliances from his past to stop a wicked Russian and save not only his life, but the lives of his loved ones in this, Cap Daniels’ eighth Chase Fulton novel, “The Angel’s Chase.”

This story and the series are straight up page turners. Daniels continues to take the main character, Chase Fulton on a new, exciting, globe-trotting adventure. So far, I’ve read books 1-8 of the series and Daniels persists in telling venturous and daring stories with all of them. Not only is this story ‘captivating’ and highly readable but well written and all all-encompassing. Daniels makes the characters, places and actions come to life with vivid imagery and light laugh-out-loud humor. I commend Daniels for creating good, believable characters and weaving them into gripping adventures in a fascinating series.

Like his other books, The Angel’s Chase has a plausible complex plot that incorporates interesting travel, lots of covert operations and characters readers can relate to easily. A very interesting, quick read (240+ pages read in one day), an exciting storyline, with terrific characters, The Angel’s Chase is another Cap Daniels “CAPtivating” and appealing read.


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