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  • Steven Hendricks

The Breaker

Author: Nick Petrie

Book Review - In author Nick Petrie’s Peter Ash book, “The Breaker”, number six in the series, what seems simple and predictable turns complex and surprising in this thriller.

The swiftly paced, action-dominated plot rushes headlong from its outset and the well developed characters makes the story all too difficult to stop reading.

The Breaker is exciting, thrilling, and technology impressive. It took me a couple of chapters to warm up to the plot, but once I did, I read it obsessively to the very end! The story had some excellent mix of characters, some future technological elements, and some dashes of spy craft intelligence gathering. I also enjoyed the amusing one-liners, and of course the solid writing by Nick Petrie. He provided some great detail work in his storytelling with a broad array of components - from technical aspects of guns and vehicles to creating distinctive perspectives about locations and action scenarios.

Petrie wove a thriller narrative with sufficient suspense and thrill while packing in the kind of action that keeps the reader turning pages. The military jargon, dark humor and language may not be for some readers, but it strikes an authentic cord for those who have served in the military. I took delight in this exhilarating and dramatic thriller but I especially relished the friendship between Peter Ash and his good friend Lewis. Their brotherly relationship and closeness is one to be admired.

A good read that is well worth the time…


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