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  • Steven Hendricks

The Judge's List

Author: John Grisham

Book Review – John Grisham’s “The Judge’s List” is a gripping tale of a daughter who would not allow her father's 20-year-old unresolved murder go unsolved! Her 20-year tenaciousness is admirable, and her self-taught sleuthing is amazing. But her fear of the killer (a judge) is real and justified. Grisham doesn’t disappoint with this mysterious and suspenseful thriller. It had plot twists that I could not stop reading it. A very captivating mystery novel.

Books and films about serial killers are intriguing, and this one got moved to the top of my reading list once I heard John Grisham was the author. All the characters are well-developed and thoughtfully established. They were so real that it’s hard to believe that they were fictional. The serial killer judge is believable, scary, and chilling.

The story is compelling, and the case is laid out beautifully! Living in Florida for almost 20 years, I enjoyed reading references to some of the places that I know well - Tallahassee, Pensacola, Gulfport, Marathon, Key West, and of course Tampa. Yes, the story gets a little slow at times, but I found it to be all part of the ambiance of the plotline.

I am constantly amazed at Grisham's ability to bring new, different, and unique stories to readers’ awareness. I know these are fiction novels, but I suspect some are based on a touch of truth. However this book makes me wonder if a real sitting judge has ever been accused of capital murder. A very scary thought considering the power they have!

White knuckle nerves teamed with unsettling curiosity makes this a ‘must-read’ by any thriller fan. Sometimes the hunter gets captured by the game.

This is a great book!


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