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  • Steven Hendricks

To Hell and Beyond

Author: Mark Henry/Marc Cameron

"To Hell and Beyond" was my very first Western book! During the bloody Apache Wars, characters Trap O'Shannon, Clay Madsen, Ky Roman, and a few others distinguished themselves with uncommon valor in the brutal Geronimo Campaign.

Known as the "Scout Trackers", this fearsome bunch of battle-hardened warriors rode hard, shot straight...and plenty, and took chances no one else was willing to take. But when times changed, and the brotherhood was scattered in a changing land - their past came rolling back with a vengeance. Reunited, the gang rides hard from Montana all the way to the Arizona Territory to enforce their fearless brand of justice. Killers of every statue stood in their way, but that only meant Trap and his men fought that much harder to bury every last one of them.

Mark Henry is actually Author Marc Cameron's explosive Western epic that shows the brutal, gut-punching American West in all its violent glory. Awesome action-packed Western story and a must read if you like Westerns.


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