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  • Steven Hendricks

Top Secret Twenty-One

Author: Janet Evanovich

Book Review – Upon my wife’s recommendation, I ended up ‘surprisingly’ really liking Janet Evanovich’s quick and humorous book “Top Secret Twenty-One. Hold your breath because this book was ridiculously hilarious!

It was filled with sarcastic and funny dialogue, suspenseful action, outrageous characters, and a consistent and intense storyline. In Top Secret 21, Evanovich brings back from previous novels the usual cast of characters along with main character, Stephanie Plum and they all are strongly developed.

There is Lula, the former ho' turned file clerk; Plum’s part-time assistant bounty hunter; Ranger, a former Special Forces, now security, and surveillance expert; Joe Morelli, Trenton, New Jersey cop, and Plum’s on-again-off-again boyfriend and gun-toting Granny Mazur. Evanovich's characterization of these characters and the ability to describe the situations and the dialogues during a typical 'Failure-to-Appear' bounty retrieval, made me laugh out loud numerous times throughout the story.

Evanovich’s storytelling was outstanding and made the read extremely easy to enjoy. I recommend the book to anyone that likes bounty hunter tales, crime/police stories or just good ole comedy/adventure stories.

This tale is well worth the time. It is light-hearted reading with plenty of excitement, thrills, anticipation, and laughter. Again, I really enjoyed reading Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich. It was fun!


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