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  • Steven Hendricks

A Quiet Man

Author: Tom Wood

There’s an old cliché that says, “it’s the ‘quiet ones’ you have to watch out for.” Well, British Author Tom Wood’s “A Quiet Man’ thriller, confirms this saying. The quiet ones are as dangerous as they are because they have a set of beliefs that they are unlikely to waver from – beliefs that resulted in years of getting to know themselves and having such strong beliefs, such a clear depiction of one's reality, makes them disciplined and – more importantly – voracious!

Victor the Assassin is ‘a quiet man,’ he is also complex, ruthless, and violent! He has a presence that demonstrates both strength and humility at the same time. People with quiet spirits like Victor, show that they have been tested, have succeeded, and don't need to tell everyone about their successes.

Tom Wood’s Victor the Assassin character is probably the most underrated protagonist in the action thriller genre. Never mind that he is hired to kill people for a living, but he does have a moral conscience and how much more different can one be than to be a hired assassin but care about their circumstances.

Tom Wood does an amazing job with Victor's characterization, giving us small hints of what happened to make him the chillingly ruthless assassin that he is, and yet also revealing he hasn't quite lost all his humanity. Undoubtedly, that's the primary reason I keep reading this series, to see this powerful contrast play out.

This is an intriguing story involving a special needs little boy and his mother. Upon the mother and little boy’s disappearance, Victor decides to get involved once vicious mercenaries, an unruly motorcycle gang, backbiting local politicians and scheming relatives play a role in their vanishing.

Like a spectacular fireworks finale, in order to help the mother and little boy, Victor does what Victor does best, and the skill of Wood’s storytelling is incredible! Tom Wood’s balance of Victor’s dark and bright sides is masterful and astonishing.

The thrilling suspense and action in this book is fantastic! This is a caffeine fueled ‘must read’ and Tom Wood continues to be one of my Top 10 Favorite Authors.

A Quiet Man is one of the best in the Victor series. I absolutely loved it!


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