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  • Steven Hendricks

The Perfect Assassin

Author: Ward Larsen

After reading author Ward Larsen’s first David Slaton novel, “The Perfect Assassin”, I am now a fan of Ward Larsen. This was my first Larsen book, and I was impressed.

Larsen writes better than most, and just as good as others. This story was two thirds sweat and one third cleaver phrases at just the right places and times. It was captivating with well-developed characters and lot of intrigue.

The Perfect Assassin was an enjoyable plot in which a young female American doctor is thrown into an international conspiracy when her sailboat is commandeered by a man she rescues from the Atlantic Ocean. That man is a ‘Kidon’ - an Israeli assassin who was nearly killed when the ship he was on -- carrying nuclear weapons is hijacked.

The assassin strikes out on his own to recover the nukes. In the process, he becomes hunted by the British (Scotland Yard) and his own Israeli authorities. As he runs from authorities and trails the hijackers of the nuclear weapons, he drags the American doctor along. Larsen’s storytelling/writing is top-notch.

The action moved along quickly and slowed down in the right places to make the narrative well presented. The characters and the well explained details were also very good. I enjoyed Larsen’s writing style and attention to detail and have already ordered several other books in the David Slaton series.

Ward Larson has certainly done his homework in this spy/espionage thriller and revealed a lot of new aspects about spy craft that I was not aware of. I really liked this book and look forward to adding this series to my library.


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