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  • Steven Hendricks

Arctic Storm Rising

Author: Dale Brown

“Arctic Storm Rising” was my first novel by author Dale Brown and I really enjoyed it! The fictional story was realistic and was a very good, "what if" story that was finely crafted and expertly told.

The story featured a new protagonist, US Air Force intelligence officer Nick Flynn who is on the hunt for Russian commandos in the desolate mountains of Alaska. As Russia and the US Air Force square-off on the brink of all-out-war, Flynn gets caught in a deadly game of hide-and-seek with Russian Spetsnaz commandos operating covertly on American soil. They, the Russian commandos, are hunting for the first prototype of a Russian new stealth bomber - which vanished in bad weather on what was supposed to be a test flight - and loaded with nuclear-armed stealth cruise missiles.

Flynn is task with finding the missing Russian bomber on US soil and prevent a potential nuclear holocaust. The research, clarification, and descriptions of military strategy, military war history, and references to advanced military technology including the stealth bomber and weapons was astonishing! Brown's narrative led the reader into a world of high states suspenseful political and military espionage between the United States and Russia and revealed how a nuclear war can happen if not for the brave heroic actions of our military personnel. The story is a very good balance that kept me wanting to know more and maintaining as much believability as possible.

Arctic Storm Rising is a well written novel that’s a nice military espionage thriller action piece; set along multiple locations and culminating in a fast-paced and twisty plotline. It allows for unexpected and believable surprises and is an excellent use of actual geography, military weaponry, current political events, and strategic military interests.

I’m looking forward to the next book in this series, “Countdown to Midnight.” Believable, gripping, and excitingly thrilling, I enjoyed author Dale Brown’s new Nick Flynn book, Arctic Storm Rising.


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