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  • Steven Hendricks


Author: Andrews & Wilson

“Collateral” is the sixth installment of the Tier One series - the high-rated, pulse-pounding covert-operations thriller series by Andrews & Wilson.

Tier One follows the life and operations of former Navy SEAL John Dempsey and Task Force Ember. When American and Russian covert operations collide in Kiev, the “new Cold War” goes from a simmer to a boil and escalation ensues, bringing America and her allies to the brink of World War III.

Dempsey and his team are tasked to eliminate this possibility. The Tier One series is well worth the time, never dull…there is always something around the corner in every chapter. Fast moving, exciting and gripping,

Collateral is a definite military thriller must-read. I’m amazed how Brian Andrews & Jeff Wilson can collectively write numerous outstanding books without losing anything. Their writing style is that where the mind’s eye can easily visualize the story and with Ray Porter’s excellent narration, the audiobooks are the best in the military thriller genre.


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