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  • Steven Hendricks

The Trident Deception

Author: Rick Campbell

In this modern-day “Hunt for Red October,” an armed nuclear submarine, The USS Kentucky — a Trident ballistic missile submarine carrying a full complement of nearly 200 nuclear warheads — is taken over and must be hunted down before its weapons are launched and destroys an entire nation of more than 75 million people!

The godfather of submarine-thrillers will always be Tom Clancy, and as previously mentioned, The Hunt for Red October is the gold standard for submarine thrillers. However, author Rick Campbell’s "The Trident Deception" is nipping at Clancy’s heels with this intense and captivating military submarine techno thriller.

This book has every aspect of a powerful action thriller. The characters are strong and honorable, the plot well thought out but despicable and the storyline was adventurous and well-paced. The "can't put it down" ending was epic which makes for a widely anticipated next novel for an exciting new series.

The Trident Deception is Book 1 of the 6 book Trident Deception Series. Rick Campbell wrote and told a very enthralling tale that leads me to read the rest of the series. I actually felt like I was on the ‘boat’ (submarine) while reading this book. A terrific debut by Campbell.


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