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  • Steven Hendricks

Coup D' Etat

Author: Ben Coes

Ben Coes is clearly a man that does in depth research before writing his books. “Coup D’Etat” is the second book in the Dewey Andreas series. Andreas is the hero that was introduced in Coes first book of the series “Power Down,” where Andreas is a supervisor on an oil rig off of South America when terrorists attack and destroy the platform, throwing the hero into action to protect his country (the United States) and seek revenge.

In Coup D’ Etat, Andreas is "Called to Action" by the President of the United States, who following the events of the previous book, now sees Andreas as a ‘National Asset’ and the only man that can carry out the mission. Andreas, leading a quiet life on a ranch in Australia, is tasked with overthrowing the corrupt leader of Pakistan before he drops another nuclear warhead on India.

Like most people, I am not clear on all of the inter-relations and workings of the various Middle East groups and governments, but what Ben Coes describes and paints in this book, certainly "feels" right and because of that, the reader is almost immediately sucked in to the idea that a corrupt leader brought to power in a nuclear State like Pakistan really could drop a bomb on a nuclear India and throw the world into irrevocable war. All of the details, be they true or fiction, seem to be plausible if not true.

The cause and effect of the various action choices seem to be realistic, and the flow of the story is so seemingly possible that one wonders if the story plot is actually drawn from real activities once uncovered by intelligence people somewhere.

Good, fun, thought provoking story. Thanks again Ben Coes...!


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