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  • Steven Hendricks

Death Before Dawn

Author: M. L. Strong

“Death Before Dawn” is the first in an exciting action thriller series by Author M. L. Strong, a former decorated Navy SEAL officer and combat veteran himself, outlines the trials and tribulations of a young Navy SEAL named, Matthew Barrett and the SEALs (SEAL Team 10) he leads into harm's way.

The beginning of the story was a tad too technical as Strong methodically explains BUDs training and what the candidates must go through in order to become a Navy SEAL. But once the action started in the ‘meat of the story’, the narrative was even paced, expertly told, authentically realistic and very entertaining.

Strong’s experience as a SEAL really shone through in this quick, adventurous read and with the hope of more character development of the SEAL team members that main character Matt Barrett leads, this series is destined to be a success.

Looking forward to diving into the other books in the Strike Force series.


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