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  • Steven Hendricks


Author: T.J. Newman

Book Review - “Falling” is an in-flight suspense thriller that is super fast-paced, extremely intense, and powerfully electrifying. New author T.J. Newman is a former flight attendant turned author with a fascinating and heart wrenching airplane hijacking story.

Newman’s accurate and acute details made this book my surprise suspense thriller of the year so far. Excellent storytelling, well developed characters and a plot and storyline that grabs the reader’s attention at the very first chapter and doesn’t let go until the very end!

However, the story is not really the typical airplane hijacking story but more of a ‘who people really are during intense and highly emotional circumstances’ type of story. Shocking. Scary. Chilling. Falling is that one suspense thriller that you can’t wait to see what happens at the end.

Exciting read for a debut thriller novel that I highly recommend!


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