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  • Steven Hendricks

Honorable Lies

Author: RJ Patterson

In RJ Patterson’s “Honorable Lies” black ops operator Titus Black and fellow operative Christina Shields are in imminent danger and find themselves embroiled in a global conspiracy orchestrated to take place on American soil and more deadlier than ever before.

A high energy espionage action ‘quickie’ that was not only a fast read but just as good as it was fast. Patterson tells another - number six - Titus Black tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats and wondering on every sentence.

Although the story had a high terrorists body count, the scenario was credible enough to believe and the dialogue light enough to understand and enjoy. Patterson is also to be commended on his sound character development. Good guys, bad guys, and those in between were all solid.

Again, another quick but good espionage 'black ops' action thriller read.


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