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  • Steven Hendricks

Hunt Them Down

Author: Simon Gervais

“Hunt Them Down” is the first book in Simon Gervais’ Pierce Hunt series. This is my first experience with Gervais, but it definitely won’t be my last. After reading this action thriller, I plan to move the Hunt series up on my reading list and perhaps check out Gervais’ earlier works. This book was an action thriller ‘blockbuster’ for me! It drugged me in, held me tight, and never let up on the action/thriller material.

At first I was a little concerned at the sheer number of people that Gervais introduced – but his fine writing never lost me and I truly felt like I was getting to know all the different characters’ unique personalities. While Pierce Hunt is a former Army Ranger and a current DEA Special Agent, he’s a ‘badass’ with some decency about himself. While definitely a hero, he is far from perfect, but totally owns his mistakes and shortcomings. Gervais made him a completely relatable character and I personally like that.

Not all action thriller protagonist should be Captain America. In the book, Hunt finds himself calling on old friends and allied with previous adversaries to pull off the rescue of a lifetime. I love that Gervais balances honoring Hunt as a skilled operator with the fact that not everything will go according to plan. Yes, this is definitely fiction, but the story offers a level of realism that made it easy to lose myself in the storyline. Not everyone is going to make it out alive in these action thrillers and things aren’t always tied off in a nice-neat little package. That said, Pierce Hunt survives, as expected, but Gervais teases readers at the end and that only gets me anxious to start the next book in the Pierce Hunt series, Trained to Hunt.

It’s impossible not to be drawn into the action in this action thriller. It is a good book, authentic and fast-paced, with strong characters and well-developed dialogue. Simon Gervais’ strong law enforcement background was evident in this story and the results are clear and accurate. I strongly recommend Hunt Them Down as it is a fascinating and exciting read...!


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