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  • Steven Hendricks

Oath of Honor

Author: Matthew Betley


"Oath of Honor" by Matthew Betley is an orchestration of a very dangerous global espionage plot. The second Logan West adventure is fast paced with lots of action, plenty of twist and turns, an abundance of gun fights and loads of witty humor. The stolen satellite weaponry and the constant hints of a darker conspiracy were the edge-of-your seat story plot line. A high-octane military action thriller with a plethora of weaponry, bombs, spying, double agents, surprises, and global security. It is a true page turner with a little break in action!

The story moves along quickly and smoothly but I did stumble over the excessive use of acronyms. Yes, I know the book is a military action thriller but when the use of so many acronyms distracts the reader because they have to look up the acronyms' meaning, you have to question their quantity and how to better explain them to the average, non-military reader. I suggest Betley incorporate an acronym glossary or index to help explain the acronyms' meanings. I’ve read hundreds of action thriller novels and know some of the military acronyms mentioned, but not all.

Logan West and John Quick (brothers-in-arms) are fabulous characters and I love the humorous bantering between them. I was also impressed with a new female protagonist, Amira. Not only is she bright and intelligent, but she is a lethal, deadly assassin. I’m anxious to read Betley’s Amira novel because she is an impressive character.

Matthew Betley has a new fan in me and I will be reading his other books. If you are a fan of Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Jack Carr and others that write action thrillers about elite special forces-types saving the country from evil people both foreign and domestic, then you will definitely enjoy Matthew Betley. Oath of Honor was a fun, and entertaining read!


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