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  • Steven Hendricks

Red Metal

Author: Mark Greaney/H. Ripley Rawlings IV

If you like fictional "What If" war stories such as Tom Clancy's novels, then you will absolutely love this joint venture, “Red Metal” by authors Mark Greaney and USMC Lt. Colonel Hunter Ripley Rawlings. A really good story teller, Greaney partners with an expert military advisor, Lieutenant Colonel Rawlings, USMC (Retired) to create a real page turner of a legitimate military thriller novel. Could it happen? Maybe...Maybe not, but if it did [or something like it] the tactics and state of the art weapons systems described in this book are ‘badass’!

In a nutshell, this is a great story that is very appealing, in fact there is so much there that I will now listen to the audiobook because I enjoyed reading the ‘thick’ book (638 pages) that much. It reminds me of classic Tom Clancy novels. Red Metal in audiobook is 21 hours and 21 minutes. It will go by fast because of all the high suspenseful action! I also love and appreciate the ‘List of Characters’ at the beginning of this lengthy book. Excellent reference point!

Also super impressed with the inclusion of strong believable female warrior characters. Very authentic and worthy. Great ‘stand-alone’ novel by an awesome author - Mark Greaney along with Lt. Colonel H. Ripley Rawlings, USMC.


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