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  • Steven Hendricks

Sierra Six

Author: Mark Greaney

It's not easy to write a book with two different timelines but author Mark Greaney has done a fantastic job with Book 11 of The Gray Man series, “Sierra Six.”

The plot runs in two distinct timelines twelve years apart. One is when Court Gentry is a young covert operation operative and new to the CIA's Sierra Six group, the later timeline - present day – where Gentry now works as a contract assassin for the CIA, called upon when his unique skills are needed.

Both timelines could be standalone books, each as compelling and dramatic as the other, but eventually – in no surprise - they come together in one dramatic do-or-die closing. Greaney eventually blended the action, characterization, and backstory into one thriller that couldn't be told without this unique approach.

Greaney managing to pull this unique two-timeline narrative off is testament to his talent as a writer. Sierra Six is a rollercoaster ride of vivid action, tremendous intrigue, and unprecedented dialogue. Each character is so well developed and invaluable to the story. Origin-type stories are always good because the author gives the reader, the full and unmitigated backstory of the characters and the series.

Greaney did this with Sierra Six along with telling one of the best Gray Man stories in the series! Greaney’s storytelling in Sierra Six gives a new height to the Gray Man series and will continue to be my personal favorite in the action thriller genre. Early contender for best thriller of the year!


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