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  • Steven Hendricks

Sons of Valor

Author: Andrews & Wilson

I'm a big fan of Andrews & Wilson. These guys are good authors! The Tier One series with John Dempsey is one of the best series in the military thriller genre. Hence, I was stoked to receive an autographed paperback ARC and then a digital ARC from NetGalley of “Sons of Valor,” the first book in a new series in the Tier One universe.

A totally separate series from the John Dempsey Tier One stories; Sons of Valor focuses on a different protagonist in Navy SEAL Keith “Chunk” Redman and his team. They aren’t just another tip of the spear in this Tier One series spinoff, but they’re the best counterterrorism defense crew against a devastating threat to global stability in this separate but familiar storyline.

Andrews and Wilson have consistently written rock-solid military/espionage books in the Tier One series and this one is no different…it was an absolute ‘awesome’ read! The book starts out with a bang with a drone strike and doesn’t slow down until the very end. Please note, this book is not about ‘the killing business’ as some may think, but instead, it’s about ‘the intervention business’, which Andrews & Wilson do an incredible job in expressing throughout the storyline. The pace is unrelenting, the characters are very appealing and believable, and the plot is realistic and all consuming.

Sons of Valor is another ‘five-star’ read by Andrews & Wilson. A blockbuster, Summer hit!


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