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  • Steven Hendricks

The Hive

Author: Gregg Olsen

I typically don’t read a lot of crime thriller novels, but this one – The Hive - caught my attention with its “cult” subject matter. Author Gregg Olsen did a masterful job at mixing dark subject matter with easy and compelling reading. He somehow got deep down to the heart and soul of the characters in this thriller and made them somewhat crazy relatable. And his subtle sarcasm, clever responses, and twisted storyline are to be commended.

The plot was unique and not overdone, the characters are deep and well developed, and the suspense kept me reading to the wee hours of the morning. In a genre (thriller) where there are so many overdone plots and books with the least surprising twists, Olsen’s The Hive is new and different with fresh ideas and plenty of suspense. This story is also filled with tragedy and heartbreak, so the reader will probably process some emotions while reading. I seldom use the word "riveting" and yet this book is just that! It was the equivalent of watching a huge multi-vehicle car wreck, kind of like a Demolition Derby where drivers are required to crash into another vehicle every two minutes or they are labeled as "sandbagging" and get disqualified. The absolute willingness of people to walk away from their personal responsibilities and jump on board any train that lets them rebel against their troubles is absolutely mind-boggling!

The main character is a modern-day “Queen Bee”, promoting nature and destroying family relations. Her followers, especially the inner circle – The Hive – leave homes, jobs, husbands, and children, no matter how small/young to go "find" themselves. Once that hurdle is jumped, theft, murder, and secrets become normalized. Layers upon layers of lies are revealed! This story makes you think, how does one person have so much control and power over so many other women?

The level of suspense and excitement is powerful and intense, and it runs all throughout the book. The Hive has my stamp of approval, and you don’t want to miss reading this one!


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