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  • Steven Hendricks

The Kill Box

Author: Marine Lt. Colonel H. Ripley Rawlings

I first took notice of retired Marine Lt. Colonel H. Ripley Rawlings when he co-authored “Red Metal” with Author Mark Greaney. No military action thriller author depicts battlefield tactics and execution better than Lt. Colonel Rawlings. His detailed writings of warfare are not only impressive, but extremely vivid and realistic.

Rawlings’ first standalone book “Assault by Fire” was a decent read but Rawlings’ second standalone “The Kill Box”, exceeded my expectations. The quality of his ‘storytelling’ improved, and his battlefield knowledge was re-emphasized in The Kill Box. This second novel cements his recognition as the leader in military tactics and execution in the military thriller genre of today. It’s obvious that former military, turned authors, write descriptive and accurate depictions of combat that provides instant and accurate visualization.

The story is about a Russian invasion of America and reminds me of the 1984 film, “Red Dawn.” The storyline begins after the Russians have control on American soil and are attempting to strengthen their gains, but they have one major problem to deal with; a tough and hard-hitting Marine named Tyce Asher! Asher has a band of courageous ‘weekend warriors’ who fled into the hills during the Russian attack.

The plot revolves around the Russians trying to finish off the larger American military units still fighting, but Asher and his ‘merry band of patriot rebels’ have something to say about the “Russkies” invading their land. So, let the ‘throw downs’ (battles) begin!

Rawlings writes a brilliant and gripping military action thriller of what could plausibly happen in present day. Nothing beats actual battlefield knowledge and experience in military battle scenes and Rawlings displays that in this must-read novel. He depicts the men and women in uniform in this narrative as willing to step forward and give their lives if needed to save our nation from enemies, domestic or foreign. To move forward, no matter what, to achieve the mission.

And Lt. Colonel Rawlings gives us some first-hand ‘insider’ insight into the fighting men and women of the military in The Kill Box. It is one military action thriller you don’t want to miss.

Action Thriller readers will love the battlefield fights, the courage displayed, and the audacity revealed by a heartily “Leatherneck” Marine named Tyce Asher!


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