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  • Steven Hendricks

The Last Protector

Author: Simon Gervais

Canadian author Simon Gervais’ “The Last Protector” is an action-packed story that takes readers around the world with lots of political intrigue, double-crosses, and terrible bad guys. Gervais’ new series’ protagonist, Clayton White is a former US Air Force air combat rescue officer, now US Secret Service agent, assigned to protect the Vice President elect's daughter.

The plot and storyline of Book One of the series is straight out of a television soap opera with testosterone. From the opening combat rescue mission to the final page of the political and corporate corruption,

The Last Protector, captivated me and elevated my heart rate! It is a fast-paced read which Gervais paints a comprehensive and detailed picture of a well told ‘political/corporate’ corruption story. Backstory to the plot: not only is Clayton White’s girlfriend the daughter of the vice president-elect that White is assigned to protect, but he also had White's father – a honorable military General and friend - killed to cover up his involvement in a war crime that White’s father was about to take public. The kicker though is the vice president-elect’s daughter is involved with the computer program that uncovered the crime but one of the vice president-elect’s collaborators of the war crime sent assassins to kill the VP-elect’s daughter who is protected by Clayton White, her secret service agent-boyfriend! This is when all ‘Hell’ breaks loose!

The Last Protector is an outstanding thriller that kept me immersed in every chapter. Exciting. Enlightening. Exhilarating. Entertaining. It is the prime example of a complete action thriller with all the fixings – twist-and-turns, betrayal, espionage, romance and good-old-fashion ass kicking.

The only thing I didn’t like about this story was the open-ended kind of cliffhanger at the end. I understand why Gervais did it though, to get readers to read Book Two of the new series, so hopefully that’s the reason for the cliffhanger ending. Nevertheless, it is still a fantastic read…


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