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  • Steven Hendricks

The Outside Man

Author: Don Bentley

Matt Drake in “The Outside Man” again finds himself in chaos as he is being hunted and is trying to avoid being killed and find his hunters and their leader. He’s a former Army Ranger ‘badass’ turn federal agent and knows how to handle himself and is well connected to people around the world who lend a hand when he needs them. I was excited for this book since finishing Don Bentley’s debut novel "Without Sanction."

I was a little worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations after Without Sanction’s success, but I was not in any way disappointed! From the opening sentence I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Matt Drake and Frodo’s strong relationship again inspired me to read on. Their biracial friendship and Drake’s interracial marriage are key elements of the series that I personally can relate to. Again, Bentley’s first book was fantastic, and he certainly didn’t buckle under pressure to do it again.

The action sequences in The Outside Man are professionally written, with expert weaponry knowledge and his characters and their development get you invested in a way only the good, experienced authors can in the espionage thriller genre. Hat tip to Bentley’s character development, especially the diversity aspect. You hate the bad guys as much as you like the good guys. And I have a special admiration for the Matt Drake character, and the humanity he displays while forging through a hectic and extremely dangerous lifestyle.

The book opens with a bang and never lets up, page after page. But it’s the characters that make you continue through each chapter. You want Drake and his cohorts to succeed because the writing makes you care about the victims and despise the villains at the same time. Bentley writes with the amazing accuracy of an experienced warrior and probably one of the most realistic and relatable protagonists in the thriller genre.

Without Sanction, was remarkable, but this one is even better! The Outside Man was a great follow-up to Without Sanction. I’m also excited to read Bentley’s addition to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Jr. series. He’s that good...!


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