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  • Steven Hendricks

Warning Light

Author: David Ricciardi

“Warning Light” is Author David Ricciardi’s debut novel for the Zac Miller/Jake Keller series. Once I started reading this all-encompassing thriller, I couldn’t put it down.

The story is a brilliant espionage thriller with a refreshing protagonist in young CIA analyst Zac Miller. The plot is clever and complex, and the action is abundant. Miller finds himself trapped and hunted as an American spy in Iran. The Iranians were also shrewd as they set up Miller to also be hunted by his own and other intelligence agencies after escaping Iran.

There is constant intrigue and espionage which leaves the reader wondering who to trust and why things are happening the way they are, so the mind is immensely engaged.

Although some scenes were a little far-fetched, it’s action thriller fiction and it was never too over the top, yet more entertaining if anything.

I enjoyed Warning Light and will complete the four-book series once I read the third book in the series, “Black Flag.” The marketing hype with authors Lee Child, Mark Greaney, Steve Berry and Alex Berenson is justified…


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