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  • Steven Hendricks

Body Zoo

Author: J.D. Allen

When Private Investigator Jim Bean from Sin City Private Investigations is called to conduct a simple insurance investigation case at a Nevada trailer park, he finds himself wrapped up in a case that’s more complicated than anything he could have ever imagined.

“Body Zoo,” Book 3 by Author J.D. Allen in the Sin City Investigations series is an edge of your seat crime thriller that was ‘scary’ good! Allen impressed me with Book 1, “19 Souls” and took it up a notch with Body Zoo. I’ll go back and read Book 2, “Skin Game” real soon.

Body Zoo is a disturbing tale about a wild hunting trip in the wilderness of Utah using humans as prey. It doesn’t take long for PI Jim Bean to realize he can’t really trust anyone in his investigative efforts to find a client’s relative. Bean is like a dog with a bone, when he finds a lead he doesn't let go till he finds the truth.

Body Zoo is a very enthralling story with lots of action, and some very gory details around ‘human taxidermy’. Besides disentangling all the knots around a camp fire in a trailer park, Bean is able to help a young girl on the run and uncover a horrific crime perpetrated by a well known family.

Body Zoo is a page-turner and gets the reader hooked from the beginning until the explosive ending. Allen’s storytelling ‘again’ kept me on edge and kept me wanting more.

Great storyline, strong believable characters - both good and bad and an intriguing plot that was creative and interesting. Good crime/mystery story that was well worth my time.


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