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  • Steven Hendricks

Mr. Mercedes

Author: Stephen King

“Mr. Mercedes,” the first book in a crime thriller series by ‘horror’ and suspense author Stephan King is a typical police/detective crime novel. It is a ‘cat-and-mouse’ confrontation between good verse evil.

Although ‘not’ a horror story, King makes the unlikely seem very likely in this tale and brings the creepy out of the dark and into the reader’s head. No one creates characters as believable and memorable as Stephen King. A master of suspense, his insight into the mind of the obsessed and insane killer in this narrative is chilling and unforgettable. The bad guy – Mr. Mercedes – is a perfectly disturbing and sinister predator.

While standing in line at a job fair, hundreds of anxious unemployed people are run over by a stolen Mercedes Benz, driven by a young and egotistical murderer. Eight people are killed; fifteen are seriously injured and the killer escapes – leaving the crime unresolved. Then Bill Hodges – the main character and retired detective resurfaces from retirement to catch the killer before he strikes again.

This book won't disappoint suspense thriller enthusiasts! It was a fast-paced police procedural with classic King darkness and dreadfulness interwoven into an enthralling ride. King did the characters justice, didn’t over-do the plot, made the story believable, and delivered a crime thriller story that came across as authentic.

I enjoyed Mr. Mercedes and will read the next book in the Bill Hodges Trilogy – “Finders Keeper.”


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