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  • Steven Hendricks

Nothing To Lose

Author: Lee Child

Joining forces with a beautiful female cop Jack Reacher goes up against small town sheriff’s deputies in Colorado who try to break him and a rich man who tries to scare him but ends up exposing a terrifying criminal connection that's killing thousands of Americans.

Author Lee Child’s “Nothing To Lose” is mysterious, intense, and typical Jack Reacher. When Reacher takes out eight burly guys in a bar-room brawl, I couldn’t help but smile in knowing that this particular book was going to be a decent Jack Reacher novel. Exciting, unpredictable, clever, fact filled,

Nothing To Lose kept me reading. Although Reacher seemed to get a little meaner and less patient in dispensing harm, I liked it because he didn’t give the bad guys a chance to insult his intelligence. He dealt with them on a level that they understood and that they evidently regretted in having to encounter with him.

Very detailed oriented, this was not a bad Reacher novel. I appreciate it when Child writes Reacher as the ‘badass’ that he is! Book 12 of the Jack Reacher series.


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