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  • Steven Hendricks

Open Carry

Author: Marc Cameron

I love author Marc Cameron's Jericho Quinn character and didn't know if I would like his new character US Deputy Marshal, Arliss Cutter as much. Well, after reading Cameron’s “Open Carry,” I loved the new character!

Marc Cameron brings an explosive authenticity to this powerful new U.S. Marshal series where US Marshal Arliss Cutter is a hero for our times and his hunt for justice cuts straight to the bone. Open Carry was a fantastic read, the setting in Alaska is a refreshing change and the core cast of characters were well developed and were essential to the entire storyline.

The story may not be completely unique – mainly Cutter hunting down bad guys in Alaska – but Cameron’s use of the Alaska setting and some of the locals adds a certain distinctiveness that kept me wanting to know more.

The story was ever moving, and the narrative kept things clipping along and reminded me to just how talented Marc Cameron is at the art of writing. Arliss Cutter is a great new character whose grit and ‘tough cop’ mentality is balanced with his love of his extended family (loved the Grumpy stories) and roots in Alaska.

Cutter shows his kinship for those in his inner circle, even as he chases the bad guys around on a daily basis. His personality works well in this story. I’m hoping to see more of Arliss Cutter in the future.

Cameron knocks it out of the park on this new series.


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