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  • Steven Hendricks

Deep State

Author: Chris Hauty

“Deep State” by author Chris Hauty is absolutely amazing! I enjoyed it so much, I got the audiobook as well. With all of the thriller books out there, it seems as if it would be very difficult to make it in the thriller community with a debut novel and I've seen very few authors be able to do it with the exception of Jack Carr and maybe few others.

Chris Hauty absolutely knocks this out of the park! I expect this to be one of the top books of 2020, which is saying a lot in the sometimes over crowded thriller genre. The main character, Hayley Chill is an incredibly dynamic and fresh, female character, who is so different from the other thriller main characters, and you get a taste of that from the first few pages. I have two female friends from West Virginia that remind me of Haley Chill - Strong, Beautiful and Smart!

The writing is fantastic with a twist that will blow you away. Trust me, you'll know when you read it exactly what I'm talking about. Your jaw will drop. And this isn't a spoiler, because you'll never figure it out before you read it. And actually, don't trust me, because as this book will show you, Trust No One!


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