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  • Steven Hendricks

End of Days

Author: Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor’s “End of Days” is the sixteenth thriller of the Pike Logan series and is paired with a 16 year old Limited Edition Barcardi Gran Reserva Rum. Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill team up with Israeli Mossad friends Aaron and Shoshana to try and stop terrorists from bringing on ‘Armageddon’ between the Israelis and the rest of the Middle East.

A deranged terrorist leader and his group try to cause a world war by creating the ‘end of days’ according to the Bible prophecy in the Book of Revelation. An overwhelming majority of thrillers involving terrorism have featured Islamic extremists and Taylor reminds us in this exciting story that this radical villain does have a monopoly on ‘crazy’. Nevertheless, the plot, storyline and character development were brilliant!

One of the best characters Taylor has created in the series is the Israeli Mossad team of Aaron and Shoshana. Because of them, Taylor has developed an almost endless supply of storylines when they join with the Taskforce. Shoshana’s character is mystical, she is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. The contrast between the fearless apex predator with the emotional maturity of a teenager is endlessly fascinating. She just wants to be loved like everyone else, yet she's like no one else. I absolutely love her character and the humorous bantering between she and Pike.

Although End of Days was lighter on the action and more on the history and politics than previous Pike Logan novels, the story was one of Taylor’s most suspenseful and well thought out narratives. It was a captivating geopolitical tale that was all too realistic and very well researched. It's well-written with a lot of well-placed humor and some serious history lessons on Middle East politics.

Taylor continues to cement himself as one of the best in the thriller genre. End of Days was a good mix of Middle East politics, religion with some sufficient action.


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