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  • Steven Hendricks

Lethal Agent

Author: Kyle Mills

While I am admittedly a ridiculous fan of the Mitch Rapp series, there is simply no denying the series is one of the best in the action thriller genre. To see Mitch Rapp operate against the drug cartels in Lethal Agent was something I've longed to see for awhile and it was done with absolute thrill and vigor!

Perhaps there was more violence than usual of our favorite ‘shadow operative’, but the cruel understand only cruelty and Mitch Rapp speaks brutality fluently. I also loved the predictable villainy/wickedness of the conspiring politicians, the misguided faith-driven insanity of Rapp’s nemeses and the unfailingly brilliant support of his friends and support team. I literally laughed out loud and got nervous during certain situations while reading this book.

I also got super excited when Rapp remorselessly cracked some heads when he had to. I always anxiously await the next Mitch Rapp novel in this series and author Kyle Mills redeemed himself in Lethal Agent from the previous novel “Red War,” which was just okay.

Like my mom's chicken soup, this particular recipe of Mitch Rapp keeps me coming back to the table. Every. Single. Time. Keep it up Kyle Mills!


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