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  • Steven Hendricks

The Lion's Paw

Author: Stephan England

Author Stephen England’s “The Lion’s Paw” was a blast from the opening chapter to the last! England places the reader right in the middle of the Middle East conflict and what an action thriller read this book is! The Lion’s Paw continues the Lion of God series, but can be read as a standalone, set in the turbulent Middle East where the Americans have asked the Israelis to help track down a new ‘advance’ Russian fighter aircraft that showed up in Syria. Main character Mohamed Taferi, an Israeli Druze agent – a member of an Islamic political and religious sect that mainly lives in Lebanon and Syria - is the kind of person you would want as your brother, your neighbor, and a friend, but not as an enemy. He is a ‘badass’ with a gentle soul. England’s character development of him was brilliant!

England's attention to detail throughout this semi complex story, in the plot, in all the characters, and especially in the action sequences was first rate. I was blown away with the transitions from the different scenes and settings to how natural and seamless they were while keeping me on edge and engaged.

England’s research and writing was stunning! The angst, desperation and war-weariness of the Middle East war-torn people was shown through their actions rather than prolonged lengthy descriptions. I learned more about the Middle East conflict in this book than from the news.

The Lion’s Paw delivers intense and descriptive action sequences, a chaotic pace, an unpredictable major twist, and memorable characters that triggered my emotions. A very realistic well written spy-espionage story that I took too long to read…apologizes extended Stephen England. I enjoyed The Lion’s Paw immensely and highly recommend it!


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