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  • Steven Hendricks

Ghost of War

Author: Brad Taylor

I am a huge fan of Brad Taylor’s Pike Logan series which has seen many twists and turns and the maturing of the characters in the Taskforce. The previous books in the series have touched on the impact the personalities can have on a small high stressed and intense military organization and of course the politics at the time.

In this installment, “Ghost of War,” we are given even more depth on some of the supporting characters (especially Veep, a Special Forces operator) and it is very well done. Not the usual delivery of the information or the usual reactions in the storyline, but again, very well written by Taylor.

At one level the reaction to revelations might be considered somewhat juvenile but on another level it is very sophisticated. One can read these novels as simply action thrillers or feel the depth of the characters, their struggles and the complexity of their missions.

Ghost of War is heavy on character development (which I love) and a bit lighter than some of the other novels in the series on action. Still a great book, great series and one of my favorite art covers in the series.


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