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  • Steven Hendricks

Light It Up

Author: Nick Petrie

“Light It Up” is Book Three of the Peter Ash series by author Nick Petrie but my first-time reading Petrie. This was a good read. I was told the entire series is addictive and I can see why. I read this book in two days!

Peter Ash is an interesting character that is easy to like; he is not perfect, but he tries his best to help others in danger and that always says a lot about a man’s character. Kind of like Jack Reacher I suppose. As a Marine, he has been through some disturbing war times (Iraq and Afghanistan), which has left him with some “white static”, which he attributes to post-traumatic stress - PTSD, but he is still a decent person and a force not to be pressed. Petrie did an excellent job in developing his character. I also enjoyed all the other characters in this story as Petrie brought them to life as well.

Light It Up (catchy title for the story) is a fresh and new narrative addressing some of today's new challenges with the legalization of marijuana. A solid tale and plot with lots of suspense and plenty of action. The story was unique and very engaging. The pace of the storytelling was ideal and the insight into the marijuana business was informative.

I enjoyed Nick Petrie’s Peter Ash character and will move forward in reading the rest of the series.


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