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  • Steven Hendricks

Razorblade Tears

Author: S. A. Cosby

“Razorblade Tears” by author S. A. Crosby takes a look at deep difficult issues that relates to black and white (racism), rich and poor (class stereotyping) and of course homophobia (gay and lesbian lifestyles). It’s a heartbreaking story, funny as ‘Hell” (Buddy Lee sayings) and real.

The mark of a good book is when it [the book] stays with you and maybe, just maybe, changes you a little or a lot! Well, this is that book! Razorblade Tears is an intense crime/mystery thriller with multiple jaw dropping twists and lots of sharp bending turns. Two fathers – one black, one white, team up to find out who killed their interracially married sons and are willing to go to extremes to find and avenge their murders. It is a heartfelt coming-of-knowledge story written with stunning style. You feel for these two very different men who learn the true meaning of love and acceptance and come to recognize their former ignorant behaviors as they work through breathtaking revenge and thrilling salvation drama.

This book is a real page-turner for adults only because of the social, racial and sexual injustices. It is gritty, raw, and nasty in places but well done in telling an incredible tale that leaves you breathless at the end. This is not a read for the 'faint' of ears as it is also heavily laced with expletives and harsh language. But there is resolution at the end. Razorblade Tears is more than a revenge novel. It is the story of two fathers overcoming their homophobia and racism to fully understand their sins, each other, and ultimately themselves.

Emotionally intense, the two unlikely characters – Ike and Buddy Lee - become more than best friends and comrades when working together to solve their sons’ murder mystery. Crosby’s writing is straightforward but powerful. It made me smile; cringe; and even shed a tear. The bond that grows between the two fathers - Ike and Buddy Lee is something the world needs more of. I cannot repeat it enough, this is an “outstanding” crime/mystery novel! If you can handle the language, the violence, and the homophobic injustices, then you want to read this book. It is that good!


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