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  • Steven Hendricks

Stone Cross

Author: Marc Cameron

I'm usually a big fan of military/spy novels as a rule, but this crime novel - “Stone Cross” by Marc Cameron set in the Alaskan bush, is rich, suspenseful and very satisfying -- a real gem from one of my favorite authors, Marc Cameron!

I enjoyed the well-developed characters, Alaskan bush culture and the natural fabric of the storyline and all the subplots woven in. Not the least bit predictable, the story rolls along on its own path, much like the wilderness where it unfolds. The lead women in this book were amazing and so were the dogs! Their portrayal in this tale were every bit as tough as the Alaskan bush!

Cameron did a fantastic job of informing the reader about rural Alaskan culture while providing a great manhunt story. His years as a U.S. Marshal authenticated the story. The story itself is really quite good and Marc’s knowledge about Alaskan village life was an added bonus. Cameron did a masterful job crafting this book. I was hooked from the beginning and can’t wait for the next one!

Again, plenty of drama, suspense, action, and fascinating Alaskan culture come together in a book with multiple story lines that keeps you eager to read the next chapter. The main character, U.S. Marshal Arliss Cutter is one of my new favorites. He is a rugged, rough and tough protagonist. Thanks, Marc Cameron. I'm anxiously looking forward to the next Arliss Cutter book in this series.


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