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  • Steven Hendricks

The Persian Gamble

Author: Joel C. Rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg’s “The Persian Gamble” was a well written scenario of contemporary realism mixed with some "what ifs" if Iran really did buy some nuclear weapons from North Korea.

Rosenberg ‘wargames’ out a highly intense political action thriller for readers to enjoy. Lots of thrills, tons of political intrigue and plenty of tension. The Persian Gamble is tight, compact and page-turning excitement. I liked that it is action oriented, and less reliant on a cliche political plot, albeit Rosenberg does it does strongly delves into the geo-political situation in the Middle East, because of his knowledge in the region. He tries but barely tells a nonpartisan political tell.

This novel is definitely a political action thriller, but with scientists, spies, and other military and espionage characters as the focus more so than the politicians. It's not too over the top on action, but provides just enough and again the story is about a real tension in the Middle East that has been added to a fictional plot. It’s the second of four Markus Ryker books and very worthwhile the read.

Rosenberg’s Markus Ryker series is a must read in the political, action thriller genre.


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