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  • Steven Hendricks


Author: Steve Cavanagh

The psychological thriller, “Thirteen” was so good! Hands down, it’s one of the best mystery crime thrillers that I’ve read in years!

Author Steve Cavanagh wrote a clever and compelling crime story that will keep readers up until the ‘wee-hours’ of the morning. He and his protagonist, streetwise attorney, Eddie Flynn were brilliant. Eddie Flynn is such a strong, talented, and tragically flawed character. He is very likeable because he is real, clever, and sharp. To have a serial killer of numerous killings actually end up on the jury of one of the murders is very imaginative.

This was my first Steve Cavanagh book, and I am hooked. I was completely entertained by a very well told tale with plenty of plot twists and impeccable visual and animated storytelling. The villain in this cleverly told narrative was the exact definition of ‘evil’…! I’ve read some mystery thrillers in the past, but this one ‘takes the cake!’ Chilling, enthralling, suspenseful, and unprecedented, Cavanagh’s Thirteen is thought-provoking and ingeniously written.

Great plot, awesome characters, and a thrill ride that one will never forget! What-a-story!


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